SIDERIA is the last rising star of the HIFU technology, the starlit heritage of a Martian and its know-how tendency for innovation and high-tech progress.Like a newly discovered star, it enhances the development of the Aesthetic Medicine methods collimating research and passion, synergism and avant-gardism.


SIDERIA Technology uses ultrasonic wage energy in order to lift and tight the epidermis in profundity. The cone-shaped ultrasound enables the reproduction of dermal collagen via the remodeling of tissues (skin tightening). Depending on the chosen operating programs, it is possible to stimulate the natural regeneration of skin tissue through the body heating at different depths and on different skin type. Depending on the intensity of the treatment and of the protocol selected, SIDERIA can penetrate within the surface from 1 up to 11mm, in order to obtain a surprising tightening effect. Thanks to the geometrical precision of its handpiece and the innovation of its software, SIDERIA reaches with safety the patient goals designing a futuristic revolution within the Science of Aesthetic Medicine.


SIDERIA is the engineering result of Triworks in collaboration with the University of Rome. This collaboration has enabled to achieve additional PLUS into the traditional dynamics of the HIFU technique. The high intensity focused ultrasound (HIFU) of SIDERIA, is an advanced technique of high precision and long-lasting result. Unlike the painful therapy, i.e. the invasive technique which requires the use of needles, threads and fillers within the skin, the SIDERIA Technology rejuvenates and tightens wrinkles and imperfections thanks to focused ultrasounds.
Sideria is a comet, an extraordinary discovery, a light ray of ultrasound intensity whose penetration within the skin surface occurs with geometric precision and accurate safety.

  • Non-invasive and safe alternative to injectable, dermal skin fillers, injections and traditional surgery
  • Unlike the invasive techniques with threads, needles (FTC) or injectables, SIDERIA does not require needles, threads, anesthesia or any type of toxins
  • Secure, fast and pain-free treatment for all skin types
  • No significant side-effects, no downtime or blood
  • Multiple protocols and settings for techniques of geometrical precision
  • A single handpiece capable of penetrating in different depths, during the same treatment
  • Combination of Science and Research: SIDERIA leads the Aesthetic Medicine Science to a higher and futuristic stage


SIDERIA has been planned to be a versatile and multi-function device. Thanks to the variety of its programs and settings, SIDERIA can be used in Medical Aesthetic Clinic or in SPA, Thermal and Beauty centers.
It is possible to choose a specific treatment according to patient needs setting several reference parameters. SIDERIA is equipped with a cutting-edge ultrasound system which employs the latest technologies. Compared to other prominent methods, the ultrasound has several advantages; it does not use harmful ionizing radiation, it provides images in real-time, it guarantees a unique degree of sophisticated precision, and it is portable and safe.
Unlike traditional technologies, SIDERIA is a non-invasive system which does not require any type of toxins, anesthesia or needles. A fast, efficient and safe alternative to injectables, dermal fillers and surgery capable of reaching results similar to those of lifting operation, with no risks and no downtime. Moreover, a single handpiece can penetrate in different selected depths, during the same treatment.

The Digital Ultrasound System used is a sonographic instrument that permits to have a diagnostic imaging based on the application of ultrasound. It uses a probe containing a linear array transducer to send pulse of sound into the layers of the skin.
It is a safe and harmless instrument for acquiring diagnostic information and high performance. The extraordinary innovation of this software is based on the flexibility of its two programs: one easy and simplified, the other medical.
The commitment of this advanced system aimed at using the latest innovations to make ultrasound technology accessible on small devices, providing excellent image quality, high performance, different applications, and free continuous upgrades. MicrUs is the last generation of high performance PC-based B/W ultrasound system with open architecture.

  • Removal of bags under the eyes, acne, enlarged pores, sunspots and blotches, freckles, wrinkles and skin furrows
  • More elastic, shining and smooth skin, nonsurgical skin tightening
  • Cleanliness and brightness of the surface layers of the epidermis
  • Enhancement of epidermal tissues and skin tone
  • Remodeling and rejuvenation of the body, lifting cheekbones and face
  • Several anti-aging treatments capable of restoring skin’s youthful glow
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