CARBO 5000

Indications :
– Cellulite reduction
– Localized fat & weight reduction without liposuction
– Liposuction complementary solution to clear pending irregularities
– Some erection problems due to vascular disorders
– Stretch marks-Acne scars & Skin laxit


Application and Effects of Carboxy Therapy

  • Break down the body fat
  • Increase the skin elasticity
  • Dilate the blood vessels
  • Increase aerobic metabolism
  • Restore scars
  • Shape skin caused by childbirth
Specifications :
Features of Carbo 5000
Carbo 5000 which is a bodyshaper is an instrument to reduce cellulite.
Slimming and Reducing Cellulite Faster Than Ever.
     – Easy to control the strength by applying various programs by the parts of the body.
     – Minimize pain in the process of treatment through the heating system.
     – Touch screen easy to use.
     – Manual continuous infusion and automatic continuous infusion is available.
     – Foot switch easy and safe for patients to use.
     – Applying 3-way infusion way and using a filter.
Advantages of Carbon Dioxide Therapy
     – CO2 gas is safe.
     – It takes short time for treatments by the instrument and users can enjoy its effects by even just one treatment.(lunch therapy)
     – It’s available for the various body parts, and it’s possible to go back to daily works just after treatments without being in hospital or anesthesia.
     – It doesn’t cause bruises. -> In comparison with the conventional injection therapy, it rarely cause bruises, and is very effective for the chapped and the sagged skin by increasing the skin elasticity. It is also effective to restore the tired and sagged skin of the abdomen after         caesarean sections as it has the effect to improve scars.
       – It has a synergy effect if it is applied with other methods for removing regional fat together.
CARBO 5000
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